What Ultraverse titles are the best / your favorites, and why?

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I have begun collecting Malibu titles in earnest, but until now my focus has been on pre-Ultraverse titles. If I was a newbie, which I'm not, which titles would you suggest to really get me hooked on the Ultraverse and why. I am somewhat familiar, and I have listed my favorites below, but if I plan on becoming really hardcore about my Ultraverse collection, I want to start with something really great. I thought I would ask everyone here for their opinions.

1. Rune- He's a vampiric alien who feeds on souls and was created by Barry Windsor Smith. Incredible.

2. Sludge- This title has elements of Swamp Thing, however, it felt very original and compelling. A crooked cop is covered in chemicals and dumped in a sewer, becoming a hideous monster. I have only read the first few issues.

3. Prototype- Similar to Iron Man, but in my opinion much better. Unlike Tony Stark, the main character is not a tycoon, just an employee, which I find very relateable, and a very nice twist. I always wondered If the two would go head to head after Marvel bought the Ultraverse. I've only read the first few issues, so if they did, please tell me.

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Prime and Rune mainly. My two favorites.

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