Should Marvel bring back the Malibu Universe?

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I really enjoyed Ultraforce as a kid. Marvel bought the company in 1994. Since then nothing (except for some short lived cross-overs)

. Should Marvel introduce Malibu Characters to the 616?
#2 Posted by gammasan55 (53 posts) - - Show Bio, there's so many characters in the 616 as it is that adding in a whole new continuity would be really difficult to, pull off. What they could do is make a new earth for them and start that as it's own universe.

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@gammasan55: Except that there isn't really enough interest in those characters to make that a logical thing, they cancelled the ultraforce after like 15 issues and shut down the whole ultraverse line because the books wouldn't sell.And I remember the wording of the deal makes it almost impossible to bring those characters back. So I say leave it be.
#4 Posted by gammasan55 (53 posts) - - Show Bio
@nightwing91: ah ok, didn't know that...never read Ultraforce. I just commented on the fact that 616 is full as is, if they can't come back to print it's no skin off my back
#5 Posted by TheCrusader (101 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely. The characters were great. They even had a short lived cartoon that was pretty good. 
#6 Posted by Bloodflow (10 posts) - - Show Bio

I heard that Joe Quesada really wanted to bring them back, but there were legalities that stopped it from happening.

#7 Posted by WarMachineMarkV (1214 posts) - - Show Bio

- The sales of Marvel are struggling, investing in bringing back a line of comics that failed back when sales were much better does not make much sense.

- The Ultraverse had it's fans, but there are nowhere near enough to justify or support the move

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@b3n8m3: Yes! I am an ultraverse fan! my favorite is Pressure, Anything and Prime!

#9 Posted by Density (2 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish they would the Ultraverse was awesome. I loved them back in the day.

#10 Posted by Vance Astro (91416 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel shouldn't bring it back but they should use those characters.

#11 Posted by Vance Astro (91416 posts) - - Show Bio
@TheCrusader said:

Definitely. The characters were great. They even had a short lived cartoon that was pretty good. 
I must say that I loved this cartoon but I can't say the characters were "great".They were all shameless knockoffs.
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Ultraverse was cool before Marvel got hold of it. Once they bought it, the crossovers with Marvel were okay, but other than that, the U'verse titles went downhill. I think the characters would fit just fine in the Marvel U, but it wouldn't be the same as having them in their own universe not owned by Disney/ Marvel. And yes, the original deal makes it near impossible to bring the characters back.

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@cbishop: I still say they should get another chance!

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Ultraverse was awesome, they had so many obscure characters, especially the villains

#15 Posted by SylentEcho (54 posts) - - Show Bio

Prime was SUCH a good comic. I really wish they bring him back at the very least.

#16 Posted by emmbro30 (249 posts) - - Show Bio

I for one would like to see these characters join the Marvel U, but to be realistic, If they are not going to use the Marvel UK Characters, then I highly doubt that the Ultraverse Characters stand a chance.

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I don't know that I'd support introducing Ultraverse characters into Marvel 616. I don't trust that they'd be handled any better by Marvel now than they were back then. Better to keep them separated in my humble opinion.

That said, I would absolutely friggin' love to see an Official Handbook of the Ultraverse put together someday.

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