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Mali is a young woman who lives in Chicago. Little is known about her origin or identity, but she demonstrates the ability to mimic the personality and abilities of anyone she encounters. A side effect of her mimicry is that Mali experiences confusion and symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder, having conversations with herself in the style of Gollum.

Mali is attractive and manipulative; in her first appearance, she convinces a stranger to gamble with Johnny Spade on her behalf.


Mali was created by Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins and artist Brett Booth.

Major Story Arcs

Nightwing in Chicago

Shortly after Dick Grayson moves to Chicago, he comes across Mali as he searches for the informant Johnny Spade, whom she is attacking. To Nightwing's surprise, Mali appears to be just as agile and accurate as he is, throwing his projectiles back at him with the same style as he used, before making her escape. Following the confrontation, Spade reveals to Nightwing that Mali is a mimic.

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