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Malcolm Greymater is a veteran of the Civil War who now runs the criminal organization known as the Trio in Arcadia. Malcom has a very old and disfigured body but a brilliant mind and he uses this to make scientific discoveries for use in his crimes.  He has a machine that reincarnates recently dead people but depending on how long they have been dead he is only somewhat successful.  the stronger people that he resurrects he keep in his gang the weaker mind ones he sells off as slaves.  He has even sold woman into sexual slavery.  He really believes he is a good person and not set out to do evil.  He wants to make the world a better place. 
Malcolm confronted Two-Face after resurrecting one of him men.  This battle with Two-Face destroyed the Trio's base of operations and made because he was also being attacked by Batgirl and Ghost at the same time one of his Trio members Towering Chris was hurt when Ghost fazed a Civil War book right in her head and brain.

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