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Mako was one of the original members of the group founded by Eccarius in New Orleans, Les Enfents du Sang. His good looks and ability to take just about anyone in a fight made him popular, but his impulsiveness and inability to learn from his mistakes made him dangerous.

When Eccarius introduced the group to another real vampire, Cassidy, Mako challenged the newcomer to a fight. Cassidy knocked Mako clear across the room and broke his jaw. The point was proven, but Mako nursed a hatred for Cassidy ever after, especially when Cassidy killed Eccarius, nearly destroying the purpose of the group Mako loved.

A few years later, Mako got his chance at revenge. Cassidy had returned, and Les Enfents were prepared to do whatever was necessary to force him to turn them into vampires. They caught him in a ceremony, where Cassidy's friend Jesse Custer was undergoing a complex voodoo ritual involving a giant serpent and memory regression. Les Enfents took that opportunity to attack, and Cassidy's head was cut off. Mako took great pleasure in kicking the head about the cemetary, but was wounded in the subsequent firefight.

In the end, Mako was eaten by the giant snake, to the surprise of all involved.

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