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Unlike all the students of Eitoku Academy, Tsukushi is only from a middle-class family. Having controversies about her status, she is always discriminated by most of the students. Her family is so poor and have hard time just to afford her tuition for her luxurious school. She found a good friend in Makiko and treats her as the only one in school as her friend. She protected her from their encounter with Tsukasa even if the consequence would be a Red Card that signals the other student to bully her. Though, Makiko did not protect her and left. She later apologized. As they encounter the F4, Makino shouted his feeling in the staircase. Unknowingly, Hanazawa Rui was disturbed and heard everyting that she said. fearing that Rui would be harsh on her, she thought that she is like his team mates but he is wrong and realized that he is the most different among the team. Rui was surprised because of Makino's bravery against the F4 despite their superiority in the Academy. Tsukushi was not stopped being chased by other students and was repeatedly bullied by others. Hanazawa is the only protector that defends her. She later had affection for him and became her first love interest in the school. She became very curious about Hanazawa's character as she saw him kissing a poster of Shizuka which she also knows as a popular celebrity. Though, she does not know the real story between them. She then started having conversations with Mimasaka and Nishikado and discovered the real story between Rui and Shizuka. Makino also fights with Tsukasa so often.

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