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While you were out...

hello fellow fans of majestros. I figured id go ahead and do reviews for his 2005 series as I didn't see that anyone else did so as to hopefully attract new readers to the character. so lets get started!

This issue takes place after the events that placed majestic in the dcu. this is his return to the wildstorm universe and it starts off with a bang. opens up with the beautiful art by Niel Googe giving you views of recognizable cities allover the world. Chicago, Seattle, Paris, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New Jersey and finally New York City. You are then treated with a splash page of Superman, eradicator and majestic standing in time square and Superman and eradicator report to majestic that there is no animal or human life left anywhere on earth! The trio then floats through the city and converse with one another concerning if they have even landed on the right planet earth. Majestic quickly refutes this by using his sensory powers. he says "I can feel it is.". A few moments later they all use their superior senses of hearing to notice something. Giant Sentries emerge from the ground and attack then you are once again treated to some of niel googe's art (let me just say by in large niel googe does a fantastic job on this book......but you will notice the awkward positions the characters take when they fight and you will also notice the strange way niel draws feet. they look very cartoony and you WILL notice it. it is distracting which is why this issue gets a 3/5 from me. That being said. Its still beautiful)a fight. Superman majestic and eradicator vs. these sentries. They absolutely destroy them and niel googe can really make you feel a punch. He does an awesome job of creating the visual effects of a majestic or superman punch here. After a few pages of the trio absolutely obliterating these machines superman realizes “WE’re leveling New york!!!” they then fly off to majestic’s “fortress of solitude” as it were…you then see majestics level of ingenuity and intelligence in action as he attaches a piece of the sentry he tore off to his computer and immediately analyzes it. Shortly thereafter eradicator tells superman that they either leave now or stay for the next 53 years and wait for another wormhole. Superman offes to stay and help majestros deal with this problem. For heavens sakes somebody stole all the life on earth. Majestros, being the proud cherubim warlord we all know and love. Rejects the offer for help and then escorts them both to the wormhole. And on their way they take advantage of an empty planet and break the sound barrier while flying rather close to the ground. As an aviation nerd….it ws awesome. They then arrive at the wormhole and say their goodbyes and we are treated to an exchange that perfectly illustrates the difference between superman and mr majestic:

Superman: are you sure you can handle this alone?

Majestic: Kal-El, go home before I take offense.

Superman and Eradicator then depart into the wormhole back to dc and majestic is left utterly alone……except for the massive army of sentries coming up directly behind him!!!!


This issue is nothing groundbreaking but it is still, at least in my estimation, a very good issue 1. It got me excited to open up and read issue 2. You get action, exposition and a tiny bit of character development with some pretty good art. (when the art is good its GGGOOOOOODDDDD but when its bad its cringe-worthy) This is a great jumping on point for new majestic readers it’s a fun read and I give it a 3/5. Pick it up on for like 1.10 and enjoy.

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