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Maire VS S'ym
Maire's Death
Maire O'Connell was a former disciple of the demon sorcerer, Belasco.  She sought the aid of Magik, believing her to be the ruler of Limbo.  Initially unaware that Magik had abandoned Limbo after Magus had infected the demons with the transmode virus, O'Connell explained that Belasco had cursed her with immortality and asked Rasputin to take her Belasco’s tower to locate a spell in the library that would break the curse. Magik, not wanting to jeopardize the lives of the New Mutants or risk her headmaster’s rejection, agreed to teleport Maire to Limbo.  There they were promptly attacked by Sym, and his minions.  
After fleeing the demons and securing themselves inside of Belasco’s fortress, the girls spent hours locating the spell to break the curse on O’Connell. After locating the spell, Magik began to cast it, when Sym and his demons broke into the tower.  O'Connell, know that if Magik was disrupted while casting the spell would ruin it.  Therefore she valiantly fought off the demons by herself. Magik completed the spell, and O’Connell’s mortality was restored. 
Unfortunately, mere moments later, one of Sym’s demons hurled a spear into O'Connell’s side. Horrified, Magik teleported O'Connell back to earth, seeking medical attention for her wound. As she lay in the medical room of Xavier’s School, Magneto explained to Magik that O’Connell’s wound was too severe, and that she could not be saved. O'Connell thanked Magik for helping her, and told her not to grieve as her time to die had long since past. O’Connell then succumbed to her injury, leaving a heartbroken Magik to weep over her body.   

Powers And Abilities

  • Maire was cursed with immortality while a disciple of the demonic sorcerer, Belasco. She has been trained in magic, however the full extent of her knowledge may never be known. Maire was also an accomplished swordswoman, capable of defending Illyana Rasputin from S'ym's minions while she performed a magic spell.

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