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Mai Shen is a minor goddess on Elysia and is aligned with House Sinister. She was sent by Ingra, the leader of House Sinister, to spy on the Sigil-Bearer Ethan of Avalon. However, she quickly forsakes this duty, opting to rule over Avalon as a true goddess instead. In order to do this she kills Bernd Rechts, a member of the First sent by House Dexter. She then poses as Bernd in order to destroy his Heron army so that they are no longer a threat to her plans. She then kidnaps Ethan's father in order to impersonate him so that she may gain more control over the planet and to make Ethan an outlaw. However the charade does not last long as she is ultimately discovered and killed by Ethan. Her true name is Tsansuelle and is derived from the word sensual. Mai Shen is an alias used on the planet of Avalon.

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