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The Magus is the patriarch of the Technarchy, a race of hostile techno-organic, meta-morphic beings who scour the universe looking for things to feed on, using the "techno-organic virus". Their home world of Kvch the planet was desolate and seemingly barren. The Magus hunted his son down, Warlock, because he didn't challenge like all the others previously. As in the Technarchy rules the infants fight their father in order to evolve in the mature state. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Fighting the New Mutants and the X-men

Warlock fleed to planet Earth and became a member of the New Mutants but before that he crash into Magneto's space base, something that he would later fight him for. However upon encountering his son the Magus was disgusted as Warlock had mutated and no longer was considered worthy of assuming the throne of the Technarchy. Both of them fought until Warlock infected Magus with his own mutated-version of the virus, slowly succumbing to his own son mutant strand and fled in panic.
Some months after their initial encounter with the being, Magus once more resurfaced on earth and fought the X-men, he was however soon defeated without any casualties and the thread of Magus seemed to have been defeated. A few months later however, Magus once more made it's precence known when he attacked the New Mutants during a time/space adventure. Magus seeked out to destroy Warlock and his New Mutant teammates once and for all. This time however, Warlock finally had the guts to stand up against his father and protect his friends. Warlock seemingly defeated and destroyed the Magus. He was not seen again for a long time. 


In Warlock's own series, it was revealed that although Warlock had defeated and seemingly killed his father many years ago, he was very much alive and looking for revenge. Warlock himself had however gone through a rough time period in witch he was almost killed. He had regripped himself and now had a more human-like appearance, looking a lot like his murdered New Mutants friend, Dough. Magus attacked his son again and, though Magus was extremely powerfull, Warlock had grown whiser over the years and was capable of defeating his father with the help of the Avengers. It seemed Magus was defeated for good.

X-Force Necroshia

Although Magus was defeated by the Avengers and his own son Warlock, his body was found and reactivated by longtime New Mutants enemy Selene, whom used it to revive some of the X-men's greatest advisories. Magus was killed soon after, but Selene used Magus' technology-like corps to later ressurect every fallen mutant on Genosha. 


Magus is compare in power with Galactus while fully charge with lifeglow; Magus is a metamorph, able to alter his shape into any form, height, or extension he desires. He can extend any portion of his body, including optical sensors, modify any part of his body to form plugs, supports, and vehicles, including spaceships. He can alter his entire body to form anything that is organic or mechanical. If portions of his body are destroyed, he can re-grow that part.  Magus can project convincing holographic images of any object in his memory banks. He also has a cloak against all forms of electronic tracking, psionics, or physical tracking powers or talents. He may learn new languages almost instantaneously, due to a type of telepathy. Magus can heal himself by touching his victims, which alters their DNA structure with the "techno-organic" virus, or “transmode virus,” converting it into an organism like himself. He may then drain the energy of these converted organisms for sustenance.

Alternate Realities


The Magus was never defeated by Warlock and instead became Magus 2099 and infected Doctor Doom's new Latveria population however it nearly killed them all until Dr. Doom figure out to use a young mutant with the ability to upgrade mechanisms and infected with the techno-organic virus in order to control the spread of the Phalanx. However the young mutant was becoming succumbing to the hive-mind and instead of allowing another Phalanx invasion, Spider-Man 2099 give him his suit which was made out of unstable particles that prevented the spread of the infection in the boy. The Magus 2099 was later defeated by combination of Dr. Doom and Spider-Man 2099 but the young mutant crises Dr. Doom for using him in his plans.

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