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Pye worked as a museum curator at the Gotham City Museum of Antiquities until her obsessive need to possess all of the priceless artifacts made her mind snap and she became her childhood nickname, Magpie, in truth. She made deadly versions of the things she stole, taking the originals for herself, and replacing them with the copies.


Magpie was created by John Byrne, and first appeared in The Man of Steel #3, November 1986.


Magpie encountered both Superman and Batman in her first outing and their first team up post Crisis on Infinite Earths. Magpie would later be apprehended and sent to Arkham Asylum where she would team-up with Poison Ivy, who was her cellmate, to escape the facility. She was later killed by Tally Man along with other members of Penguin's gang, by order of the Great White Shark.

New 52

Magpie is Batman and Spectre villain, locked in Arkham Asylum. During the events of Batman Eternal, she controlled by Blackfire and member of cult.

Powers and Abilities

Magpie has no super powers, though she has the skill to create deadly booby-trapped copies of the pieces she steals.

Equipment and Weapons

Her museum replicas have a variety of booby-traps: explosives, airborne poisons, etc. She also uses handguns.

Other Media


Supeman/Batman: Public Enemies

In the animated direct-to-video movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009), Magpie is mentioned by Superman to Batman, but she doesn't appear in the movie.


Beware The Batman

Magpie appears in the 2013 CG animated show Beware the Batman, voiced by Grey Delisle. Her design for show based on popular singer Lady Gaga. Margaret Sorrow, a kleptomaniac thief, volunteered for psychiatric procedures at Blackgate Penitentiary to reform and reduce her sentence. The procedure worked, but repressed her criminal urges to the point where they re-appeared as a split personality, Magpie, while as Cassidy, a new identity, she was a meek, shy secretary. In addition, she lost the ability to feel pain and gained the ability to grow long claws as nails. As Magpie, she began to steal "shiny" objects as well as went on a quest to regain her old memories, as well getting her revenge on the head psychiatrists of the procedure. She was stopped by Batman, when she declared that Cassidy was "gone", and only Magpie remained.

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