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Birth by Heroes

In Magnus' home reality of Earth-27 he was the son of




both members of the outlaw team the X-Men and both reformed villains. He enjoyed a relatively normal life especially considering that his birth was so wrought with complications that it was a miracle. As he grew so too did the powers within him. He was a relative prodigy in the use of his powers which seemed to eclipse even his father

As a teenager he discovered he had a secondary mutation similar to his mothers which proved lethal for those he touched. This really affected his personality, making him distant and lonely from teammates and the rest of humanity. He disappeared from his home dimension after becoming unhinged from time, and landed in the Exiles desert.

Major Story Arcs

An Exile

The first exiles team

Once their he met with Blink, Nocturne, Morph, Thunderbird and together was told by the Timebroker tthe plight each member had been in thus arriving there. In his case at age thirteen he touched his mother thus killing her and set his father back on the path of Villainy. To fix his own time and those of other he joined the Exiles. On their first mission he helped the team learn the history of the earth they were on and even figured that their mission was to free Charles Xavier. He was also instrumental in creating a makeshift Cerebro from electronics thus channelling

Cerebro boosted and made by Magnus

the weak psi power of Nocturne and Mimic so they could locate him. Once they found him they fought into the facility and he freed Charles Xavier. Once they left however Charles turned on him and his team and fled.

Upon regrouping and speaking with the Forge of this world they realized that Magneto was the one who should have been freed. They tried to stop Charles' rampaging superhumans and an A-bomb which he had placed to destroy all who were in the vicinity.

Heroic Death

Death of a hero

Faced with the failure of the mission, the death of his new found team-mates and the end of the world Magnus decided that he would save them all by dealing with the bomb on his own. He transported all those within the vicinity as far away as he could with his powers and created a dome of pure magnetic force to contain the blast.


Power surpassing his father

Magnus has a more powerful version of his father Magnetos power set. His mutant powers give him mastery over all magnetic forces. He can perceive the magnetic forces of the earth and bio-electrical patterns of all living beings. He can draw on and use the magnetosphere of the planet, which extends far into space. He can use his power to reshape all known metals including Adamantium. In this field he seems extremely adept, able to create credit cards and even Cerebro with little effort. He was also shown using his powers to tap into the electrical fields of an entire city to boost the tracking power of Cerebro.

He can erect magnetic force fields with a high degree of impenetrability around himself or others for protection and can fire bursts of magnetic (including EMPs) or electrical energy. His shields were so strong that he could contain an atomic blast.

Death touch like mom

He also inherited/gained a secondary mutation, which resembled his mother's powers. Skin to skin contact with others would turn them to pure metal, thus killing them.

In addition to this he can also fly though it has never been specified if this power is like his mother ability to fly or similar to his fathers by way of manipulating magnetic forces or perhaps a combination of both.

Physical characteristics









Known relatives






(Half Brother, ),

Scarlet Witch

(half sister)

Alternate realities


Dupe Magnus

Another Magnus also exists on


, essentially the same as Earth-27 Magnus. Basically an exact duplicate of the original Magnus alongside duplicates of his original teammates. They were set up on this earth by an immortal game master made them the heroes of the world by setting up weekly bouts with local supervillains. All this was in a game/bets made with fellow immortals. When the real exiles arrived on their world they did battle. Once they realized what was really happening they rebelled against their master. They currently operate as protectors of this world without any outside influence.

In the

Age Of Apocalypse

he has a close analogue who is also the son of Magneto and Rogue, known as

Charles Lehnsherr


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