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The original series is named Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD and was published by Gold Key. Russ Manning created this character in 1963.

In the 1990s Magnus Robot Fighter was published by Valiant and Acclaim, since 2010 by Dark Horse Comics .

Same character but some aspects of the concept have varied with each publisher.

Birth of Magnus see Magnus Robot Fighter (Valiant) issue # 16 (Unity).

By the year 4000, society has become dependent on robots. Magnus was a warrior who protected humans against rogue robots. In the Valiant Universe, he was part of a group called Freedom Force that led a revolt against an alien race of robots, called Malevients who attacked the earth. This would be known as the Malev War. Also, in Valiant he is the son of Torque and Kris Hathoway who are Harbingers.

Powers/Abilities :

Superhuman strength

Superhuman durability

Extensive Martial Arts training

Magnus the Robot Fighter appears in:

  • Gold Key / Whitman (1963 - 1974),
  • Valiant (1991 - 1996),
  • Acclaim (1997 - 2000),
  • Valiant Entertainment (2007 - ?).
  • Dark Horse (2010 - 2011)

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