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Special “Flip” issue in which one side has a Magnus cover and story, then you flip the comic and the other side has a Rai cover and story. Magnus journeys to Japan where the council asks him to destroy Grandmother, a machine that controls everything in the country and is believed to have developed freewill. But Solar appears and warns Magnus not to destroy Grandmother because of an approaching Alien invasion and Rai, inside Grandmother, tries to figure out what is wrong in “Invasion Part Three – Just Say Noh!” and “Invasion Part Four – Killing Stroke”

Having saved Ambassador Tsuda from a Ninjatron, Magnus arrives in Japan to learn that he has been summoned to overthrow the Japanese caretaker computer, Grandmother. Then, after a thousand-year absence, Solar appears, warning Magnus to protect Grandmother against the impending Spider Alien Invasion! But Magnus is too late to stop Tsuda from infecting Grandmother with a deadly, alien carcinopod!

Contains a coupon for Magnus # 0.

Flipbook with Rai # 2 Miniseries (cover see below).

1st. Phil Seleski in costume, not as Dr. Solar.

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