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Freewill robots learn that there are others like them and start communicating with each other and try to organize and Magnus wonders whether these freewill robots are truly alive and not merely machines in “Steel Nation Part One -- Protector.” Story also includes the origin of 1-A.

At his undersea base, 1-A recounts how he raised Magnus from infancy to protect humans from rogue Freewill robots. Suddenly, a broadcast from rogue leader O-1X implores Freewills to unite. Magnus rushes back to North Am and, with Leeja at his side, hunts down the Freewill secret headquarters. In the battle that follows, Leeja is seriously injured, and Magnus begins to doubt the morality of his war on the Freewills.

1st Valiant superhero comic, Magnus was originally a Gold Key title (1960's).

First issue in the Valiant series, contains a coupon for Magnus # 0.

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