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Hunk Larken was a simple-minded man living in the American midwest. One day while helping to move a car out of a ditch, Larken used his amazing strength and lifted the car clear off the ground. The owner of the car was a con artist who thought that Larken's incredible strength would be his meal ticket.

The man brought Larken to the city and had him try out for several sports teams, but Larken's lack of speed proved to be a disadvantage. The man abandoned Larken and Larken found himself working in a carnival freak show. The audiences mocked Larken and when he lifted a man who had been teasing him off the ground he was fired from the carnival.

Soon after Larken saw a television broadcast about a space flight that required a volunteer. He made the trip to Washington D.C. were his strength caused him to be deemed an ideal candidate. His rocket was launched into space where it flew into a cosmic mist of radioactive anti-matter. Hunk was barely able to hit the "return" switch before falling unconscious.

When the capsule returned to Earth, Larken was taken to be examined by doctors. As the doctors examined him, he suddenly displayed the ability to control magnetism. Remembering how he was treated as an outcast, Larken went on a city-wide rampage. Newspapers dubbed the magnetized giant “Magnetor.” The military sent jets after him, but he easily flung them aside with his powers. On the run, Magneto fought off attacks by the armed forces, until his powers began to fade.

Larken returned to the missle base where he originally launched from and climbed aboard another rocket ship. The scientists had taken pity on Larken's plight and had built another rocket ship especially for him, stocked with food and supplies, to travel to another Earth-like planet so the tragic misfit could find peace.


Magnetor was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. He originally went by the name Magneto, but his name was changed to prevent confusion with the more famous mutant.

Powers and Abilities

After being exposed to radioactive anti-matter Larken possessed the ability to control magnetic fields. From his left arm, he could emit an attracting force, and from his right arm, he could emit a repelling force. He used these powers to topple a building, lift a tug boat out of the water, and repel bullets.

Prior to his exposure to radioactivity, Larken already had incredible strength and was shown physically lifting an automobile.

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