In chronological order.

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (1982): In this classic X-Men story, the X-Men and Magneto team-up against mutant hatred!

Magneto in the Savage Land (1991): The Uncanny X-Men #274 - Crossroads and The Uncanny X-Men #275 - The Path Not Taken.

Fatal Attractions (1993)

Age of Apocalypse (1995): In a world ruled by Apocalypse, Magneto forms the X-Men instead of Charles Xavier. Takes place on Earth-295

X-Men: Mutant Genesis (1995): Classic story arc by Chris Claremont and JIm Lee

The Magneto War (1999): Magneto claims Genosha!

Planet X (2003): New X-Men #146-150

House Of M (2005)

X-Men: Magneto Testament (2008): Greg Pak covers Magneto's origin in this 5 issue mini-series.

Magneto (2014): Issue 1-5 by Cullen Bunn

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