Upcoming Marvel Project: Magneto's Rage

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Nice post. Looks somewhat interesting.

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looks aWESOME

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Marvel has just released a teaser cover for an upcoming Magneto story here:


While the title frightens me a bit (Magneto is definitely motivated by more complex reasons than rage), I'm going to let my otherwise merge optimism run rampant and hope that this might be (Please God) the story I have been looking for since M-Day.

Magneto is one of the indirect causes of why mutants are where they are. At the beginning of New Avengers #20, he was beginning to acknowledge that fact. This would be a rarity in his life, taking the blame rather than blaming humans or blaming fate for his choices. In acknowledging that fact, Magneto would be forced to look over the wreckage of his life and figure out how he got there. The choices he made that led him and his family to M-Day.

This could be the self examination issue in which Magneto goes over his past, comes to terms with it, takes some responsibility for his choices, and moves forward in a new direction.

Not Xavier's direction, he's been there, done that and recent and not so recent events have proven Magneto right, repeatedly. But After M-Day, in which the character was stripped down emotionally further than he has ever been since the night Anya died (a great catalyst point in his life), he is all set up to find an new tack on the mutant issue.

That way you have an origins story that is dynamic and relevant to what is happening in Marvel now.

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Looks somewhat aWESOME

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Wow that looks really awsome. Thanks for the post.

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