Manipulating iron in our blood?

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If you've seen X2, you'll remember that Mystique spiked a guard's drink with an iron supplement, allowing Magneto to literally rip the iron from his body and use it to escape his captivity.
My question is, can the 616 universe Magneto kill a human with that same method? Or is there an insufficient amount of iron in our blood stream to cause major damage?

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You're technically asking two questions:


Can Magneto rip out metal in the human body that was placed their artifically?  Yes - he ripped out the Adamantium in Wolverine's body in X-Men #25 (the climatic finale of the Fatal Attractions).


Can Magneto rip out the natural iron in someone's blood?  Most likely.  He's done all sorts of other crazy things.  It is a question that has already been posed inthe forums, here: Why cant Magneto attract "haemoglobin"

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@xerox_kitty: I would assume so seeing as he's controlled the iron content in mutants' blood in order to prevent them from moving and/or using their powers (willfully) as evinced in UCXM Vol 1 304 and Magneto: Dark Seduction Vol 1 #3.

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