Mags and Rogue?

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WHat do u think bout this 2?

I kinda love it...

but do you think it will last?

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this female is passed around more than a joint. let the old terrorist have a go

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@KainScion said:

this female is passed around more than a joint. let the old terrorist have a go

between Gambit and Magneto?? I would hate to hear what you think about Black Widow or She-Hulk
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@cattlebattle: hey! she-hulk is a funny, smart lady

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@KainScion: and "whoreish"
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very !

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Isn't Magneto like old enough to be her Granfather ? He about ready for a hero/villian retirement home. I've said bad things about Rogue recently, but I don't have to say anything here, I mean the old guy is practically ...... it's just not right, look at the picture. I can see the headlines, creepy old dude groaps, young southern woman, and she likes it!

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It's gross, just get back with Gambit already.

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Pervy Sensei!

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I like it actually. Rogue and Gambit were always too chaotic, Magneto treats Rogue like a queen and I always liked their marriage in the Age of Apocalypse.

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I must have missed the part where he treats her like queen.  Was it the time he electrocuted her for no reason while beating up Joseph and trying Gambit to mess with the X-Men's heads?  or the times he's repeated tossed her asidein battle or when she's tried reason and called her child?  Or when he couldn't be bothered to pick her up or go to her bedside when she was hurt because the "strong" don't want to look weak?  That is not respect, its childishness on his part.  Or the one "date" if you can call it that of taking her to a holocaust museum to pander pity in a reverse physcology way by explaining he's evil for threatening anf killing nazis (not you know,like the times he's killed innocents) or can't be bothered to appologize for anything. 
I love Gillen's Magneto - he's an unappologetic arrogant bigoted arse which is perfect with that team of a bunch of other arrogant arses for the most part. It makes for fun and believable Magneto reading and I do expect him to turn on the X-Men and Scott when it makes sense for Magneto to not care about working with the X-Men for his goals anymore.  Magneto being so driven is what makes him interesting.   I didn't like Carey's Magneto and Rogue because the idea that Magneto would ever slink around just to get Rogue's attention and that Rogue would just forget all the crap between them since two issues in the Savage Land was mind numbingly stupid. 
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Magneto is a pedophile

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well their not together anymore so.....i hope rogue doesnt end up dying in uncanny avengers, i mean why isnt she in x-men(the female version) anymore?????

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@bellaardila92 said:

Magneto is a pedophile

Rofl. As Erik and Marie are both adults how can you consider him to be a pedophile? If anyone is one, hands down its Logan.

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@midgard2: How is Logan a pedophile?

he said that because Logan is like at least 170 years older than anybody he currently screws I'm assuming

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The TheAmazingImmortalMan is correct. But it doesn't really matter atm, because Anna Marie is dead. At least in this universe. When she was killed in Uncanny Avengers issue #14 (January 2014).

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