Magneto's firstborn

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I'm not sure if this is already a topic/thread... But anywho, what if Marvel resurrected Anya? I mean, I get that her death plays a role in Magneto's life KIND OF like the Wayne parents to Batman... But what if? I can't see how her coming back would help along any storyline whatsoever, but just...bear with me. Seeing that Eric's three younger kids are all mutants, why not Anya? As far as I know, she died to early for puberty to hit. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, what if Marvel brought Anya back and made her a mutant? :O? How do you think Eric would react? Or... What if she came back human? Would this put a damper on his views regarding mutants and humans? Does anyone else know that she even existed? ._.?

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Personally, I think it would be tacky, tasteless & pretty desperate for Marvel to resurrect a baby who died approximately 50 years ago. I really hope they're never tempted to do that, but they have done some sillier things.

As for making her a human, that really wouldn't matter. For a couple of decades Luna, Magneto's only grand-child, was human. It was only after Quicksilver encouraged her to prolonged exposure to the terrigan crystals that she developed powers from her Inhuman genetics. Seeing how much magneto loved his grand-daughter before she developed any Inhuman powers, then I don't think that Anya being 'only human' would make much difference... He'd simply love her for being another one of his long-lost children.

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@Cale_Michael: Anya didn't live till puberty so we didn't really get to know whether or not she was a mutant

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Ah, I c. Just wondering. :)

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