Magneto's Background

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In response to a request of a fellow poster on another board, I compiled scans of everything I had on Magneto's background in the Marvel pages prior to his appearance at Cape Citadel in his all his "Evil Mutant" behelmeted glory. In short, his time at Auschwitz, lost of his wife and child, birth of the twins, meeting Charles, etc.

It's organized by publication date so folks can see how the character developed over time beginning with his regression to infancy by Alpha and re-growth to adulthood by Eric the Red. Of course, if I have missed anything please let me know.

I thought folks here might find it useful. Enjoy. :)

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I have to apologize to everyone, but some twerp reported my gallery for "copyright infringement" and livejournal suspended my account.


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Who are Magneto's parents?

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farther= Jakob Eisenhardt 
mother=  Edie Eisenhardt 

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@napoleon: Really? 

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