Magneto is still with Rogue?

#1 Posted by BlackPookie (680 posts) - - Show Bio

Im not following everything that is happening with the events in AVengers Vs Xmen but it all looks like it is coming to an end inexplicably!

#2 Posted by KainScion (2993 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlackPookie: i think she is going more towards mags than gambit these days.

#3 Posted by BlackPookie (680 posts) - - Show Bio

Ive just seen this pic in the xmen forum so i guess she isnt moving that forward... i like it!


#4 Posted by oraclefyre (944 posts) - - Show Bio

Not at the moment. I miss the good old days when she wasn't dating someone old enough to be her grandpa.

#5 Posted by JohnnyGat (1592 posts) - - Show Bio

Rogue should dump Mags for Xavier solely for the lulz to be had with the reactions.

#6 Posted by BlackPookie (680 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont think she will!

#7 Posted by AweSam (7517 posts) - - Show Bio

Am I the only one who likes them together? Magneto's clearly the better guy.

#8 Posted by VictorGrey (13505 posts) - - Show Bio

Rogue dates guys as old as her Grandpa? Wow . . . bold.

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