Is that you, Michael Fassbender?

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Looking at the preview to Uncanny X-Men #538 I noticed that Terry Dodson's Magneto looks a lot like Michael Fassbender...does anyone else see it, or is it just me?

Did you guys ever notice that the likeness of some comic book characters often changes to look like the actors that portray those characters on film? I've noticed this before with Wolverine, who I felt began to look more and more like Hugh Jackman over time.

Then again, maybe it's just me. If you agree, post some examples!

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... i don't see it.

#2 Posted by SC (15118 posts) - - Show Bio

I have examples... except when I say examples, they are just Greg Land tracing the wrong people... 0_0

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Namor is doing the Peoples Eyebrow = The Rock! 

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well christopher reeve always looked like superman, regardless the artist, it always had some reeve type look to him. i guess this is another example, but this time, they are beginning to mirror the character from the person playing them... vice versa. superman always looked like reeve. reeve never had to change anything but his hair! get it? 

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Go look at the covers for the new Ultimate line coming in September. Thor and Cap look like their movie counterparts.

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Same goes for Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. and for a while Sue Storm looked like Jessica Alba.

@mikeclark1982: Actually in Secret Origin the artist made Clark when younger at Smallville look like Tom Welling and when in Metropolis look like Reeve.

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Looks a bit like him, but the helmet makes it hard to tell. 

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I've never really noticed characters being drawn to resemble actors (outside of some Ultimates books), but I've definitely noticed when COSTUMES in comics are altered to more closely resemble their movie or TV counterpart.  Case in point, the new Green Arrow costume looks nearly identical to Ollie's costume in Smallville (even if Ollie himself doesn't resemble Justin Hartley.) 

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Mr. Micheal Fassbander was perfect as the vengeful Erik Lensherr, who could play Namor... Zachary Quinto and his awesome Brows of steel!
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I don't know if he looks like Magneto in this comic but if you look at Pepper Potts in Iron Man comics especially the Fear Itself one she looks so much like Gwyneth Paltrow

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Totally. I guess we'll see when the helmet's off.
Something else not many people noticed was Hulk doing the trollface on the cover of Deadpool #39. I guess that's Daniel Way's method to show, "Hey, I know I'm ruining him, but what."
-The Mast

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i hope they start drawing him like michael... he will get even more HOT!!!  
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I couldn't point you to an exact example, but I've run across several X-Men comics in which Scott was obviously modeled after James Marsden. 

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@Elenatintil: LOL. Your statement (and av) coincide perfectly with what I"m about to post.

They changed things up with Rogue design-wise (specifically where the streaks were in her hair) after the X-Men movies. As well as seemingly using Anna as reference for the covers of Rogue's book.

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I kinda of see it. I actually like it when they do this kind of thing. 

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I've also noticed this. In the most recent Avengers cartoon "Earth Mightiest Heroes" not only does Iron man look like Robert Downey Jr. but he sounds just like him too.....

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i think RDJ is prettier than in the animated Tony Stark in Earth Mightiest Heroes XD
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Can't really see it in a pic that size.

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Tony Stark in invincible looks eerily close to Josh Holloway maybe Marvels trying to get him to take over after RDJ lol

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Emma Frost on the cover of New Mutants #25 by Marko Djurdjevic looks to me like Scarlett Johanson

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@Babs: The altering of characters to look like their actor counterparts occurs all the time. Sometimes it seems to only last until the movie has run it's course, but it's something I've definitely noticed. And now that you point it out, I must say there is a stark similarity there. The pronounced jutting chin, jawline, and aquiline nose are dead on.
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blade look like wesley snipes, war machine looks like don cheadle sometimes wolverine looks like hugh jackman on astonishing x-men cover and storm looks like rihanna

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I feel Ms Marvel should have her own ongoing series,  because she has the ability to fly, super strength, and her costume is sexy and tasteful. plus it would be nice to see her in a different light, maybe a more developed origins of her character.

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