Does Magneto's Powers Work on ALL Forms of Metal?

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So we obviously know that his powers work on all the normal earth metals like iron, steel, bronze, etc.  And we know that he can manipulate his powers to create gravity fields around non-ferrous objects.  What about the fictional Marvel metals?  Some of them have special properties that could easily lend them to magnetic immunity.
Well we know from the classic X-men (Vol. 2) #25 that it works on adamantium, and I am pretty sure that it works fine on omnium since it is a ferrous alloy.
We also know that it works on that freaky Breakworld metal that Kitty Pryde was trapped in.
But does it work on Uru?  Yeah Magneto can't lift Thor's hammer, but can he grab in magnetically in midair?
What about Vibranium?  With its quasi-mystical properties, does it maybe have a some sort of immunity?
How about Magik and Pixie's Soul weapons and Magik's resultant armor?  Technically they are made of pieces from the girls souls, not metal from a hot forge so theres a very good chance that the magnetic fields don't apply to them.
There are probably instances of Uru and Vibranium being used against Magneto back in his old villain days and I will do some research into it, but I would really like to see the Limbo twins take on the Master of Magnetism if for no other reason then to see his face when his powers fail him against to little girls.  Until of course he finds the nearest most iron-filled boulder and sends it flying into them...

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Magnetos powers should work on anything to some extent that is governed by the laws of electromagnetism, and in real life thats essentially everything to some degree, and in comics, well even magic and mysticism has grounds in science its just sort advanced, expanded upon, tricky, or superior science. So Magneto could be written to go up a character (or more specifically a metal) thats so hard to manipulate because of the narrative implication the laws of reality in the MU mean its difficult, but even without that change in reality thats possible anyway. Its not really a matter of does his powers work, its more a matter of how well does his powers work. Its like asking how well my punch works on all forms of walls. Well... my punch will always work, but if its a wall of foam the effect will be different than if its a wall of brick.  
Magneto has manipulated Uru a few times, I think... Thor #104 is a good example (and first example)? Enough to keep Thor's hammer from him so he would change back to Blake, not enough presumably later on when Thor kept it in hand or consciously decided to keep it close. 

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Yes, Hence the term *Magneto*

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all forms of metal? You mean all forms of particles? 
and electromagnetism 
the only "metals" he can't control are metals without atoms. 

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it think it basically should 
because he can form it  and manipulate it   but remember those are just his base powers  
so their for he has control over all of earths magnetic field 
meaning anything metal on earth he can manipulate 
emphasis on earth because thors hammer is a type of godly metal and he probably can't contoll or even lift that with his powers 

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Actually, not all metals are affected by magnetic fields....  Well, no more than say glass or plastic or protein....
The gist of it is that to be affected by a magnetic field the metal has to be iron or either an alloy or composite of iron....   
Alluminum, lead, and copper are a few examples of non-ferrous metals...  Try picking a soda can up with a magnetic... Use as powerful a magnet as  you can find... Even the most powerful of magnets can't pick up a soda can....
If you want to get into the physics of it (and folks in here tend to hate that)  an atom, or molecule has to have what you call a magnetic moment...  You know what, let's not go there....  But no, Magneto cannot affect all forms of metal, at least not any more than he can affect glass, or plastics...

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hasn't magneto stopped bullets before though

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i think he shud be able to

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@Gold Dust Boi: yes he should be able to affect uru as long as it isnt enchanted

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