Does anyone else think Magneto's helmet resembles an Owl?

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So the other day I was lounging about, when an owl shaped bookend of mine caught my eye, and I suddenly thought "wow, this thing kinda looks like old Magnus' helmet!" Ever since then I couldn't stop thinking about the symbolism; after all, owls are considered symbols knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, but at the same time, are revered as efficient predators and deadly adversaries, just like Magneto. I feel the comics version, with it's rounded dome appearance, looks more like a barn owl, while the movie version, with those two pointy protrusions that sweep along the sides, looks more like a horned owl. What do you guys think? See any resemblance?

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If I stretch it along a cloud, kind of. As for that being the history and design of the helmet/character I don't know. There's probably an article about the design of the characters look and what it represents online somewhere as it relates to artistic ascetic. My connection isn't being cooperative enough with the few links a dug up to help.

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i see it

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Good point, never saw that before.

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