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Magnetic Man was a man who, after a couple successful bank robberies, was caught by Spider-man and put in jail for six years. Six years later, he got out of jail for good behavior but found out how hard life was being away from your family for six years. He now didn't know much about the evolution of technology around him, or about his own daughter! No one would hire him either due to his criminal record, so he decided to turn back to a life of crime for one last heist to pay the bills for his home.


Magnetic Man was created by Frank Tieri and Javier Rodriguez as a back up story to Amazing Spider-man #662.

Major Story Arcs


Amazing Spider-Man #662 - The Choice

 During Magnetic Man's last heist at a bank he was confronted by Peter Parker who overheard Magnetic Man state that he didn't want to rob the bank, but he had to to support his family. Parker stated that if he didn't want to he wouldn't have to. Parker then gave Magnetic Man a card to Horizon Labs and told him they might need some work there and due to his incredible engineering skills he would get the job, regardless of a criminal record. magnetic Man then cried and called his wife, telling her that he finally got a job.

Powers & Abilities

Magnetic Man is very smart and was able to design gloves that could allow him to control anything magnetic. He is smart enough to get a job at Horizon Labs, a place where only the most intelligence of people work there.

Weapons & Equipment

Magnetic Man created a pair of gloves that allow him to control or bend anything that is magnetic.

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