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Magin is one of the most powerful members of the First due to the fact that it sits on House Sinister's High Council. Positions on this council are fought for and only seat the most powerful. It's name is derived from the word enigmatic, although Magin was initially created as Altwaal's imaginary friend. Magin was first seen by readers when Raamia and Orium discuss the second civil war of the First. Magin is the only one of Altwaals closest advisors to chose House Sinister after the Houses were created. Magin was next seen in the series when it and the rest of the council give a portion of their power to Ingra in order to further her latest plot. Magin was not seen again until Seahn overthrows Ingra and then proceeded to defeat the Sinister Council members in order to secure his seat in the leader's position. Magin was defeated by Seahn when Minity and Ghirretur unleashed an energy so powerful, they cut of Syeniess from her power source of sleeping virgins. This sudden release of untapped potential overwhelmed the bodiless form of Magin. Magin was next seen when a secret Council was formed and included former council members Minity, Ghirretur, Mharrut, and Cahesse. Wyture interupts this meeting and informs the group that they face a bigger threat than Seahn. Wyture also seems to confront Magin, asking why it chooses to help the First play their games when it is not even a member of their race. Magin flees from the meeting after this and is not seen again until Solusandra returns to Elysia. When Altwaal returns, Magin does not immidiately return to his side, however, whether this would have happened remains unknown as the series was abruptly cancelled after Crossgen filed for bankruptcy.

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