Slight Grown

#1 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio
#2 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

I totally meant "groan"

I'll be hanging from my closet if anyone needs me
#3 Posted by Last_Guardian (28230 posts) - - Show Bio

wow this looks totally lame...

#4 Posted by Leliel (1471 posts) - - Show Bio

what is Spider-Man doing there?

#5 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

it's just showing different things coming up in young x-men

#6 Posted by Leliel (1471 posts) - - Show Bio

thank god for a second I thought we where going to have Spider-Man Magik team up, I personally had enough run with magic and Spidy

#7 Posted by King Saturn (218436 posts) - - Show Bio
The artwork looks totally amazing here...

#8 Posted by Djinn (864 posts) - - Show Bio

are you serious, well i guess it;s in the eye of the beholder, that artwork is not good at all u must only seen bad old artwork

#9 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Horrid art.
  2. Y-Men wtf?
  3. Spiderman wtf?
  4. Darkchild? NO!
  5. CYPHER WTF NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!
#10 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

LOLOL...Terrible art..poor illy

#11 Posted by Illyana Rasputin (2924 posts) - - Show Bio

Illyana looks like a wrestler from G.L.O.W. here.

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