she's not human?

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I read this in an interview with Zeb wells.  The bold is a readers question.
As far as Illyana – great stuff! Please continue to build on the fact that she's not human, and that she's still a soulless entity and should continue to be awkward, aloof and distant. Are there plans for another confrontation between Pixie and her – a rematch is long overdue.

Will do, Chrissstopher. And you're right, Illyana vs. Pixie is inevitable.
-How is she not human? i am confused.  I have read her bio and i'm still confused

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Well, she's a mutant.... If that's what you mean.

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She's not "human" because she doesn't have a soul. She shouldn't have a sense of humanity and should come across as a  bit odd. Moments before she became a New Mutant again, she had goat legs, a horn, and a tail.

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@coolmotif30: She got back a piece of her humanity through the soulsword in X-infernus #2 but her demonic side remains. You could say she has like a multiple personality because of her opposing selves: innocent human and evil demon.

About Zeb Wells interview, can you post a link of it?

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This Illyana is a mere construct of the demon sorcerer, Belasco, created from the memories and physical body of the "true" Illyana that died several years before. In essence, she is a magical clone of the original teenage mutant demon sorceress before she was reverted to a seven-year-old following the event of the Inferno story arc, sans her soul. She only recalls her existence prior to Inferno, as her mentor remembered her. When she reclaimed the Soul Sword from Nightcrawler in X-Infernus, she regained a portion of her humanity, but is still  Belasco's creation, and therefore corrupted by his dark influence. Following the events of X-Infernus, yet another portion of her soul was robbed from her by the sorceress, Witchfire.

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Actually, she's made from memories or Illyana that were imprinted on Limbo.  Therefore, she was resurrected as the Darkchilde, not as the pure little girl that Belasco was searching for.  At that point, she had no soul.  Not until she regained a small element of her soul in X-Infernus #2 (like 244 said).  So she isn't a clone; she really is Illyana... More like a resurrection of the older Illyana, not the little girl who Darkchilde saved during Inferno.

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