My Favorite Women of Marvel: Illyana Rasputin - Magik.

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My Favorite Women of Marvel: Illyana Rasputin - Magik.

Illyana quickly became one of my favorite comic book characters and favorite characters in general. She is compared a lot to Emma Frost in that she is a good-guy character but occasionally dabbles in the dark side. I find this comparison wrong.

First of all Magik was never a villain, this is what sets her character apart so much. We hear a lot of villains turned heroes but Magik’s case is different in that she is pretty much a hero turned villain, except the villain part hasn’t completely happened yet.

Her character has changed a lot since her premier at Marvel, she’s strong, powerful, and frightening. She spent SEVEN YEARS in Limbo, pretty much her teenage years, and managed to become a sorceress and build her own demonic army during that time. Any other girl would have died/cried all the time/lost her mind but Illyana got powerful because of it. This is both amazing and terrifying since her time in hell didn’t phase her at all.

We can slowly see it happening, her personality, the way she talks to her friends and just how plain selfish she can be at certain moments. She takes action to what she wants and she does it strong. We know she’ll turn to the dark side soon, and we’re going to love every second of it for she will make a FANTASTIC villain. The downfall of a hero has never been so delicious.

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I think the best person I can compare with Illyana is Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix. They're both good people who have unfortunately been corrupted by dark power (believe it or not, Illyana is a good person by nature), but in Illyana's case, even if she goes evil at times, she still tries to be a hero.

There was already a bit of villainy from her from "Quest for Magik".

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This made me laugh. Beautiful piece of dialogue, regardless who says it.

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