Magik Vs The Juggernaut

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Curious, curious, curious. 
First thing, has Illyanna ever came up against The Juggernaut in direct combat? If so has anyone got scans of it? 
Also . . 
Seeing as Juggernaut is powered by a magical source, so is in a sense magical himself, would her soulsword affect him? If yes, to what extent?  
Thanks very much.
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not sure if it has happened but my understanding of her powers would mean with a swipe of her sword she could possibly take away his strength or depower him significantly, + her raw magical powers could mind f*** him into next week once he 1) has no helmet or 2) is depowered.

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If Illyana took a swipe at Juggernaut's helmet, as Ryonslaught mentioned, it would disrupt the magical influence that the helmet possesses. It would not harm Juggernaut, per se, but it would destroy any magical spell that gives him his abilities. However, there have been instances in which certain magical energies have NOT been affected by the Soulsword. There have been no instances in which Magik has combatted Juggernaut directly, so the only way to ascertain that would have to be an actual battle.
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I am curios with this battle as well...

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D'Spayre couldn't hurt Juggernaut. So why Magik?

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Magik. If shatterstar's sword harmed him, the Soul Sword would surely cause much more damage. D'spayre is a peer of Magik. He is part of the group The lords of the Splinter realms which Magik lead and formed.She can take him to Limbo where she is like a god and If all else fails she can just BFR him into the sun. He won't die but he won't be bothering anyone.

Not sure if the sword can cancel out Cyttorak's power since her brother still has it. (unless they want him to keep it, some people think she manipulated peter into touching the gem) Pretty sure it can harm him though. but w/o piss if Thor can disrupt the flow of the juggernaut energies for a couple of seconds, there is no reason Magik can't since she is a much more powerful magic user (Sorcerer Supreme of Limbo).

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@chiq: Hold on, which Magik? Illyana or Amanda? I'm not familiar with Illyana being part of the splinter realms but I do know Amanda is.

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@244 said:

@chiq: Hold on, which Magik? Illyana or Amanda? I'm not familiar with Illyana being part of the splinter realms but I do know Amanda is.

@244: yup. it was Amanda. But she used Illyana's sword to do it. and the sword is the most powerful when it is in the orginal Magik,s hands so any feat the Amanda can make is applicable to magik 1 for me. Since she is a more powerful version with the same set of powers.( to my knowledge at least) feel free to tell me if was mistaken. I think anyone who rules Limbo is automatically a member of that club since Limbo is part of the splinter realms be it belaco, amanda, illyana or witchfire...

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@chiq: That's accurate enough to me.
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It's nice to have a definite answer, Magik wins be it by bfr or death.

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She defetead him in the last issue of Uncanny X-Men

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Sounds like she could teleport him to Limbo and remove his powers completely

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