Magik Returns?

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Any catch the add for New X-Men #37 in this week's comics. "The Quest for Magik Begins..."

From the solicit:


Superstar artist Niko Henrichon (Pride of Baghdad) joins Paco Medina for a special prelude to the New X-Men adventure of the year. It’s story time for the New X-Men, and Blindfold is spinning them a tale that will plunge the students of the Xavier Institute into a hell (or is that Limbo?) they cannot imagine. And what does this have to do with House of M and Illyana Rasputin? Everything!"

It's about time.

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So, uhm, does nobody care?

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Okay, I'm getting a little excited.

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I'm not sure what the story's gonna hold in New X-Men but there's gotta be some reaction from Colossus and Kitty. I always thought Magik was one of the cooler New Mutants.

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I'm getting the vibe that she's gonna be a malevolent force upon her return.

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Magick was a good character it would be nice to see her return and bring a little depth between her and all her old strings.

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SO in New X-Men 36, she shows up on the last page.

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gotta love santo he is just damn funny

i do care that shes back but im worried if its true and how will Piotr react

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Cant' wait to see illyana rasputin back  in action again.It's been so long .When i heard that she died ,i went ballistic,banannas,almost put several holes in the bedroom door out of sheer frustration&sadness.I'm glad she's coming back.Ihave one question desperately needing answered.If&when Illyana Rasputin returns,how will the x-men,the former new mutanst,current new mutants,plus her brother Colossus<which i like to call mighty mouse ,because of his size&strength&armored form>will react to her.please letme know right away.
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@G-Man: I definitely care.

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