Forget Marvel Manga: Try Marvel Manhua

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Okay, most of you are already familiar with manga, but how many of you have picked up a manhwa (from Korea) or a manhua (from China)? They're a bit rarer, but becoming more and more common. TOKYOPOP recently released Chinese artist Benjamin's Orange, a simply stunning full-color one-shot graphic novel.

Why should you guys care? Because I'm guessing someone at Marvel picked up Orange-- and they were as impressed as I was. How do I know? Because Deb over at has spotted Benjamin's work gracing the cover of Marvel's New Mutants #1.

Benjamin's painting, of Marvel's Magik, is one of two variant covers for the new series, which hit stores on Wednesday. And if you just want to try out some more of Benjamin's work, Deb also points to TOKYOPOP's free 23-page online preview of Orange, which is a great way to get a taste.

What do you think? Would you put this on your coffee table, or would you rather stick with more traditional cover art?
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This is the first I've heard of this style.  I don't know about the format, but I absolutely LOVE that cover painting--at least, I hope it's a painting. Beautiful, just great vibrant colors.  Don't know if I'd pick one up, I'd flip through it to check it out, but I want that painting!!!!

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I hated it, immensely.

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I may get Bold... and try it out
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It's great! Mainstream comics need more variety!

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I honestly think Marvel needs more stuff like this. I would buy a comic with interiors done by Bejamin, it's not so much like a Alex Ross or many others who paint their art, but has a certain appealing Eastern flair to it with the bright colors and art style in general. Orange's interiors were phenomenal, so, yeah, if Marvel ever moved Benjamin from covers to interiors, I'd definitely buy whatever they put him on.

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pixelized said:
"I hated it, immensely."

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pixelized said:
"I hated it, immensely."

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Personally, I've loved Benjamin's style for the last couple of years.  It's funky & fresh and you can see that a lot of work goes into it.  I prefer his style to that of Alex Ross. 


"I hated it, immensely."
Most people hate it.  It's sad to say that the only work they've seen is that one Magik variant cover (which Forbidden Planet had obviously pulled out to sell as an expensive variant before putting it on the shelf).  However, I doubt that some of his non-Marvel work will convert his non-fans.
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Didn't DC COmic already try it with Batman : Hongkong? I kinda like it but (and I came from Asian region) but I have to admit, that China style of comic is kinda absurd in the fighting section, just look at Batman : Hongkong, or maybe Capcom vs SNK Series. But I think this might work, the girl look pretty

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Looks good to me

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I'm a little bit glad about the news...not all Asians have information to Marvel Comics. I can say that maybe there are up to 50% of the Asians that are updated about Marvel cause they just depend on its TV series or movies. They love reading manga more. If Marvel would do something like a new mangaverse, I think Asians would be more updated to Marvel. I'm an Asian so I know...

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I really, really like the colours on that art.

But, the character herself just looks.....strange.

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I have a few friends who brought some of those books from Korea.  They really are something else.

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Well done!

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@gia: I loved it!
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Manhua is just the Chinese pronounciation of Manga. Same words.

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