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Kazzam was a great magician of Ancient Carthage who, over the centuries, taught the likes of Merlin, Circe and Cagliostro. Though his body eventually perishes, his spirit can be summoned to earth whenever young orphan Jimmy Apollo twisted a jewel in a magic amulet and whispered the words "presto mercuro."

Despite his skills, Magicmaster is virtually powerless without the Dagger of Dharath. Even with it he was surprisingly limited. He was unable to even hold the weapon if it becomes too hot and was capable of performing only one function at a time. Fortunately, only Magicmaster could hold the dagger and tap its powers.


The Mystic Dagger of Dharath is capable of conjuring up objects, both inanimate and living, allow the wielder to fly, transmutes matter and peform other feats of sorcery.

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