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Born a mutant with physical abnormalities, Maggie was abandoned by her parents. Phil Sheldon's daughters found Maggie, and eventually the family accepted her into their household. Shortly afterwards, the use of Sentinels was revealed during a press conference. Fearing that she was endangering the Sheldon family, Maggie ran away.

After years of abscene, Maggie, now a girl in her teens, returns to New York city for one last time. She visits Phil Sheldon in the hospital, who is on his deathbed. She pays her respect to him and tells him of all the fantastic things she experienced after she ran away from the Sheldon family. She also told Phil it was all because of him and his family that she was able to live and experience life at its's fullest. Maggie was there when Phil died, surrounded by his loving family.

Note: Maggie is being rescued from an anti-mutant mob by Angel on the cover of Marvels #2, though this is not seen in the issue itself.

Mutant Powers

Maggie looks like a skull-faced horror with huge round eyes and lacking a nose.

Marvels - Eye of the Camera revealed, that she posseses some form of X-ray vision.

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