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The beautiful aristocrat Lady Margaret was once married to a prolifically unfaithful husband, who had freely given away all of Margaret's irreplaceable heirloom jewelry to his many mistresses before his untimely death. Margaret took up cat burglary in order to steal back what was rightfully hers and became known as Maggie the Cat. Maggie's skill as a cat burglar eventually grew so remarkable that she attracted the attention of Britain’s special services. She was recruited into an elite anti-terrorist task force and given an arsenal of clever gadgets to help carry out her assigned missions.


Maggie the Cat was created by writer/artist Mike Grell and appeared in her own title in 1996. Though it was originally intended to be a four issue series, only the first two issues were published, so her story arc was never completed. She bore many similarities to DC's Catwoman and Marvel's Black Cat (both beautiful cat burglars), though visually she most closely resembled DC's Black Canary.

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