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Biography (Film)

Maggie Burroughs was born Kathryn Krueger, daughter of Frederick Charles Krueger and his wife Loretta. She lied a fairly normal life until when she was six years old and both she and her mother discovered Freddy's "workshop" where he kept his glove and items he had taken from his victims as trophies. Freddy then strangled her mother. Kathryn was traumatized.

Kathryn was adopted and changed her name to Maggie Burroughs, and blocked out all of her previous life, though it would return to her in dreams. This obsession with dreams inspired her to become a child psychologist, and she founded a care center for homeless children along with an older psychologist simply known as Doc.

When an escapee from Springwood dubbed "John Doe" wandered into town and was picked up by cops and dumped at her clinic, Maggie was struck by his claims and journeyed to Springwood herself. Initially believing that John was Krueger's son, Maggie was stricken by flashbacks and soon realized the truth about herself. With the help of Doc and a patient of hers named Tracy, she was able to look past Krueger's attempts to reach out to her and offer her power, and she killed him with his own glove and then by blowing him up.

Maggie may or may not possess innate magical powers, as she looked to be in her late twenties-early thirties despite being well-over forty. She also seemed to sense Krueger's presence even when she was awake. She also may or may not be the reason Freddy was caught in the first place.


Maggie has been the most prominently featured of all Elm Street characters in comics with the exception of her father and Alice Johnson. She has been portrayed very differently in each and not always as a heroine.

Maggie appears in Innovation's adaptation of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, as well as a sequel series called The Beginning. Here she seemed ready to be led down the same evil path as her father as she learned more of his origins, but the series was discontinued.

Maggie does indeed become evil in Wildstorm's series Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors. She forms the titular group, but only as a ruse. She dons Freddy's glove and kills most of the members either herself or by having someone else do it. She is also shown to have entered into an incestuous relationship with her father, and dons a far more revealing outfit. She dies in the end.

Maggie also is featured in Cracked Magazine's parody of Freddy's Dead. Many years earlier, a "Daughter of Freddy" character called Frieda had appeared in the sixth issue of Cracked Monster Party in a story showing the children of famous movie monsters.

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