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Smartest Simpson of Them All

Why I Bought It

A one-shot featuring Maggie? Who wouldn't want this?

What I Liked

I always appreciated Maggie as the Simpsons character that was probably the most intelligent. It makes it difficult for me to like any story involving Maggie unless that smartness is explored, or just like in South Park, the character's immaturity and age show through and they are just themselves. It is a fine line to balance a story on, and thankfully each comic within these pages manages to find that balance.

It has been a year that I've been following these one shots that Bongo has put out for some of its characters. And in each book it has just been loads of fun for the price of admission. It has been a nice break from the regular reads, and I always walk away with a smile on my face. That says something about a comic when that happens. And the back page that is a maze, that is just priceless!

There is also a great sense of consistency among each of the stories. Yes, there are some slight art differences, but the characters themselves have maintained who they are from the first issue of Ralph Wiggum that I picked up to this book. Kudos to the creators for that.

What I Didn't Like

These special bonus inserts and surprise inside makes things a little difficult for me, mostly because I want to mess around with them but that mean ruining the comic to some degree by getting them out from within the staples. Maybe some day I will find the comics in a quarter bin and then I will get my moment of fun.

Panel to Remember

The very last panel showed a victorious Maggie after outsmarting Bart. she has a smile on her face that matches mine at the end of the book.


"Ptui!" and "Ptoi!" - Both signs that Maggie doesn't like a pacifier.


Words: 8/10

Pictures: 8/10

Buy Next Issue: Professor Frink is next, bring it on!


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