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Frances "Frankie" Kane grew up in Blue Valley, Nebraska and became a close friend of Wally West, the third Flash. Kane's power emerged one night while she, her father and brother were driving on a narrow mountain road. When her powers went out of control, the car fell off a cliff, and Kane's father and brother were killed. Frances' superstitious mother believed her daughter was possessed by the devil and spurned her. With the help of Wally and the Teen Titans, Frances was able to gain some control over her powers, and the two became lovers in college.


Frances Kane was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. Her first appearance as Kane was in The New Teen Titans #17; as Magenta in Teen Titans Spotlight #16.

Major Story Arcs

Whenever Kane's powers emerged, however, she would "split" into a second, evil identity known as Magenta. Despite having helped the Teen Titans and the Flash in their fight against villainy, Magenta has fought the Flash as an enemy on more than one occasion.

Having since been forsaken by the Flash for another love, Magenta flutters between her good and evil nature. She joined the Cicada cult, where she played a key part in their ritual, holding the Flash still with a magnetic field so Cicada could kill him. The Flash escaped, and Magenta went on to join Blacksmith's Rogues.

Fighting with her conscience, she ended up tearing Girder in half, saving the Flash, who Girder was crushing. Magenta reformed, and was one of the reformed Rogues in Rogue War. However, she was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation.

Once she returned to Earth, she got involved with the Cyborg Revenge Squad, a loosely formed group of villains with mastery over metal and cybernetics assembled by Mr. Orr, on the behest of Enclave M to capture the cybernetic hero Cyborg and harvest his discoveries and technologies for military uses. Cyborg gave her an electric shock so powerful it brought her back to her senses, unaware of where she was and what she had done but still able to recognize Cyborg.

Powers and Abilities

Magenta is able to generate and manipulate magnetic energy, controlling anything made of ferrous metal and bending it to her will. By concentrating, Magenta can perceive the world around herself solely as patterns of magnetic energy. She is able to create a magnetic field around herself opposite to the earth's magnetism, and repel herself upward to levitate.

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