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One day while walking down the street, Kevin Matchstick bumps into a stranger. They exchange conversation and Kevin uncharacteristically opens up to him, revealing his inner feelings. The two finish their conversation and as Kevin turns to leave, the stranger says, "You have much to learn." Kevin turns back saying "What do you know?" and finds the stranger gone. Kevin walks away from his encounter with the stranger and comes upon a mugging. He tries to stop it and finds himself dumbfounded as his punch misses the attacker and goes through a brick wall. The attacker tries to stab Kevin with a spur on his elbow. Kevin avoids the spur and connects a punch to the attacker that sends him flying. The mugging victim dies in Kevin's arms mentioning the word Gracklefint. The attacker escapes and calls his shadowy boss, revealing that Kevin is the reincarnation of a legendary hero. The shadowy boss deduces Matchstick has met with the world Mage and has awakened his latent powers. Kevin returns home wierded out from the days events to find the stranger he met earlier reclining in his easy chair. The stranger introduces himself as a magician named Mirth. He reveals what is happening to Kevin as far as the power he displayed and tells him what exactly a Grackleflint is. Kevin, still not believing all this, sends Mirth out of his apartment. Hoping it is all a dream, Kevin crashes for the night and wakes up the next morning to go to work. On the subway Kevin encounters three more Grackleflint. Realizing that he's outnumbered, Kevin jumps through the subway train window directly into the path of another oncoming train.

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