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Kevin is worried about meeting Isis' sister Magda, whom he's said to be destined to fall in love with.  Meanwhile, he meets with all the other avatars who have arrived in Montreal.  They argue about whether they should pursue a group strategy, or work independently, but don't come to a consensus.
Kirby Hero's sister, Theenie, shows up to give him his next labor, fighting a bull, and he leaves the other heroes once again to pursue his own quest.
Wally Ut finally shows up again, after riding his bicycle for many miles, chasing the heroes.  They once again think he's nuts, but at least tentatively accept him into their group.  The Pale Incanter is enraged, because when Wally arrives, the heroes disappear from his scrying devices.  He sends some wisp-wraiths after them.  The heroes defeat them, but Kevin sends out enough energy in the fight that Emil (the Incanter) is able to use it to finally bring his golem, the Man-Mountain of Dzoxk, to life.

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