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Kevin is distraught over the destruction of the Bat. Wally Ut floats down, having defeated Emil. Kevin has to finally accept that he is the second mage. Wally wakes Kirby up. Kirby is furious that Kevin beat the Man-Mountain, and thus denied Kirby his seventh labor. He leaves, and Joe goes with him.

Kevin and Wally argue over Kevin's behavior and Wally's magic. Frustrated, Wally changes into Mirth. It turns out that Wally is really the childhood version of Mirth: he ages in reverse. Mirth explains that it doesn't matter if the Bat was destroyed: Kevin is not only the avatar for King Arthur, but also Gilgamesh, the Sumerian hero, who had no weapon. Mirth delves further into the situation with Kevin and Kirby and Wally, the turns back into Wally. He says that Kevin must do more to help the light, and not just destroy the dark. He must help the Fisher King, who he has been ignoring all this time.

Meanwhile, Emil manages to escape from Wally's prison, but just as he is about to attack Kevin and Wally, he himself is ensnarled by his own thought-to-be-dead father, the Umbra Sprite. The Umbra Sprite banishes Emil and turns into a floor of black oil. Kevin and Wally escape by floating on the Man-Mountain's shield, but then Wally falls overboard. Kevin runs into the Master of the Hunt and his hounds, then breaks back into the real world, where five months have gone by. Magda is there, waiting for him. Kevin proposes to her, wanting the next part of his journey to be with her.

Note: this issue comes with a transparent plastic cover with the logo printed on it, on top of the normal cover.

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