What happens if a Dupe dies ?

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What happens to Madrox's Dupes if they die ? Do you have to barry them like reglier people, Do they turn to energy on fade away, What happens to them ? In that case what would happen if the real Madrox were to die ? Would all the other Dupes go to ?

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Blasé with bandes dessinées and not that interested in mangas, I decided to try american comics. And because I didn't want the vision I got from TV series and movies to clash with the sequential art, I went for something where I would have fewer preconceptions: the current run of X-factor. I am just out of the Vegas story and I must say I really like those characters.

Now, as I remember it, there was this one dupe who did a suicide by cop and whom Madrox chose not to reabsorb. I do believe it left a corpse.

As for Madrox himself dying, there has been at least two occasions where he contemplated suicide and thought the "John Maddox" dupe would be better off without his sorry original. So he must either believe or hope that his dupes would survive him.

On the other hand, I read there was an Ultimate Universe story where all the dupes went *puff* after Madrox Prime was killed. But that doesn't sound very interesting.

Edit: I keep forgetting that his powers are changing. Now his dupes are automatically reabsorbed when killed, even from a great distance or with time-travel involved. The suicide-by-cop dupe points out that he was created before such changes occurred.

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