Name change in order?

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This is mostly nit-picking, but is James Arthur the best name for Madrox? I could understand James Madrox, Madrox, Multiple Man, Jamie Madrox (which I think is most appropriate because that is what most people seem to call him these days). Has he ever even gone by James Arthur?

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That's interesting. I don't remember editing under there. I think "Mutliple Man would be better. That or Madrox. Probably MM though. Maybe Capt. Cascader or RedL.A.M.P. can change that later.

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Okay so let's throw this out, should he be listed under Multiple Man or Madrox? If you do a search on either, you end up in the same place. But if we wanna nit-pick about it, now's the time. James Arthur doesn't work for me.

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Multiple Man

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He hasn't gone by Multiple Man in a while...I don't even think he used that the last time he was in X-Factor. But since he now has had a limited series under "Madrox", I definitely think that needs to be in there. People are going to be looking for Madrox, and only the older readers are going to know to look up anything different.

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My vote is for Jamie Madrox. I believe it is what he is going by in the comics. Searching for anything else should bring you to his page anyway.

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Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man)

this one's the best.

"james arthur" ... who thought of that?

#8 Posted by G-Man (39554 posts) - - Show Bio

The way the search is set up if you search Madrox or Multiple Man, you'll get there. We just need to figure out how picky we wanna be. But yeah, I think we'll have to change it.

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I think he's exclusively Jamie Madrox, now. If someone calls him Multiple Man it's just a passing reference to his former life.

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Change it to Madrox or Multiple Man. I'd prefer Madrox.


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