Multiple Man would beat Batman the hell up.

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@The WeatherMan said:
" @Korg: Yeah, I was. But if he was given time to prepare, knowing he was going to fight Madrox, who is a multiplier, he would win. Something that has an area effect, like gas, while Batman wears a mask, or flashbangs to stun the mass, then take them out physically, while they are stunned. Batman only has to take out the original Madrox to win and hand to hand Batman is far more formidable than Madrox. "
It doesn't matter if Batman is prepared for Madrox, if Madrox is also prepared for Batman. Madrox would know (if we're giving them knowledge as well as time) that Batman uses non-lethal tactics, which puts Madrox at an immediate advantage. He can just send dupes after Batman until he is out of gadgets. Batman has no way of identifying Madrox Prime, and even though he is a much better fighter, he does not have superhuman stamina, and would eventually tire, and lose to an army of dupes, while the original Madrox watched from a distance.
#52 Posted by The WeatherMan (3261 posts) - - Show Bio
I see where you're coming from, but I still see this going Batman's way. He can use gas, which is perfect for this kind of situation, they all can't hold their breaths for long, while Batman has a mask inveloped in his cowl. Plus if he knows that not all the Madroxes are real, he might opt to use explosives.
#53 Posted by Eet Mor Puppee (111 posts) - - Show Bio

Madrox wears granny panties. Batman's only friends are teenage boys. The end.
#54 Posted by zombietag (1611 posts) - - Show Bio

lets be honest. batmans not that strong. hes a pretty amazing fighter, but hes totally human and he couldnt take down tons of madroxs. but at the same times it comics so hed prob win, plus hes way smarter that madrox

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#56 Posted by Korg (11351 posts) - - Show Bio
@Theworldbreaker: Got anything to actually contribute to the conversation? Or are you content to just spam a lame image macro, which you've used more than once already today? The thread is a valid one, as you would know if you were familiar with both characters, or had even bothered to actually read the thread. Users like yourself are directly responsible for the deterioration of Comic Vine as a community of discussion. Please leave, and never come back.
#57 Posted by Squares (8661 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh, please, could you be more of a troll? I'd actually like to see that.

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@Korg: Very well said. We need people who are willing to take threads seriously, hell we need people who actually knows what the thread is really talking about.
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This would be a great fight to watch. Be like Neo vs. Agent Smith, only possibly more epic. Strictly hand-to-hand, the favor is grossly in Madrox's favor. Both men are superb fighters based solely on the fact Madrox had clones of himself learn different fighting styles before he re-absorbed them to gain that knowledge. Just for argument's sake, I will say that Batman is the superior fighter because he's practiced since he was young, while Madrox has practiced in a much shorter amount of time (to my understanding of the character). However, fighting skill is nothing when your opponent can create a hundred, two hundred, or even HIGHER numbers JUST from stomping his foot over and over and over. 
Batman is smart enough to catch on that kinetic force of some kind is all that is required. Each punch, each kick, everything is creating duplicates. Batman will no doubt switch tactics. Switch to using tear gas, flash bangs, whatever he may have that can cause a great amount of confusion and disorientation to the dupe mob. This, however, does not guarantee victory for Batman. He may even retreat -- the smart move -- but this would mean Multiple Man indeed wins the fight. I can very easily see Batman coming equipped with knockout gas, flashbangs, and much more to take Madrox down in a rematch or if he has prep-time. A flashbang, some smoke pellets, and some knockout gas. Jamie may just lose the match then. However, this would be handing Batman a victory. If Jamie has equal prep-time, he'll bring weapons and such all his own. Before going into the fight, he may even make a dozen clones just to be on the safe side. 
Either way one slices it, this would not be an easy battle unless Batman has plot convenience. I don't see Jamie winning quickly either, but I wouldn't be surprised if he won after a long and drawn out battle. Given the way I assume this fight starts, I'll say Batman eventually retreats and thus I declare Jamie the winner. Round 2 may be a lot different, but not if Jamie is careful and on his toes..... all of himselves... =p

#60 Posted by eldestrisk (672 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ultimate Joker: I know!!! It would be a great fight. And the title of the thread is not that I presume Madrox would really kick his ass, just that eventually he would win, after a great fight that is.

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