B***h stole my lokk

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She is trying to be just like his ex-wife LOL!   ... well maybe more updated ...
I dunno, i liked Emma when she was walking around in her underwear. Seemed more like her, in everybodys face, and thats what i like about her.  
What do you guys think?    
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I think you're reeeally reaching here. The two are somewhat similar, but only really somewhat.
Look at the boots, for example. Emma's boots blend into her pants (actually, they're probably connected), whereas Maddie's have this godawful band thing tied around the top...ugh. Not to mention the neckline of the outfit is entirely different, they cover different sections of the upper chest (Maddie has this whole underboob thing going on), the pants are completely different, and on Emma's outfit, her shoulders are exposed.

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okay Emma's new look is so clearly swagger jocking off of Madelyne's look but they were both hellfire club members so I suppose it's not a stretch. the issue I think i would have with it is that Emma's whole style has been changed to be very madelyne esque and she hardly seems anything like what she use to be.

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You mean there is more than one female comic book character in a skimpy outfit and a cape *GASP*

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Pretty sure Emma was rocking that type of look first.

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Emma Frost's costumes never made sense to me anyway.


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