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Adventure into the Psyche


Maddy enters Dr. Fate's life when he comes t her store, Mystic Tower Books. He comes looking for answers about the helmet of Fate he has, and she was the most legitamate choice he found. Maddy offers to help him, and shows the ability to both sense and obscure auras. She hands him a book called I, Meme, Mine which Kent reads from. They are transported to another plane of existance, which is really Dr. Fate's perception of society. After Nelson takes a journey inside his mind, he returns and she takes him for coffee. Maddy explains that his helmet gives him massive and enviable power, and that he can drop by again.



Maddy has the ability to read people's auras, such as when she sensed Dr. Nelson's inner turmoil and the helmet's magical influence. She also seems to have some level of martial arts skill, evidenced when she took out the doctor with a single kick.

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