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Matt Wagner and his Noir touch

For those who loved Matt Wagner's Sandman Mystery Theatre, you will enjoy this five-issue arc.  Welsly Dodds is not the star, but he does provide a nice cameo in this gangster noir tale set in 1940 New York.
I was at first turned off knowing Amy Reeder Hadley would not be in this book, but instead the man who made is famed for her Michael Wm. Kaluta.  Don't get me wrong, he is famously attached to her, he deserves the right to drawn her.  This Noir tale was a nice switch in artist.  Michael Wm. Kaluta's fine work is more appropriate for this kind of story.  
It is nice that the series is still kept a a great prince point.  $13 is very far again for this book. 
My only complaint is that the series seemed to shift too drastically for me.  But it works nicely as well that way, my friends who loved Neil Gaiman's Sandman I would give them book 1 to try, but the crime/noir or simply classic golden age Sandman fans, I would lend them book 2.
Try this book out after you tried book 1.  15 issues written by Matt Wagner for $26, that is like $1.75 an issue.  Now that is value.

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