Theories on her origin?

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The big question was "Who is Madame Mirage?" I read a preview for issue #3 yesterday and holy crap. I have to upload the info and review it but it took me by surprise. I won't spoil it but I am curious what people think. How can she do what she does? What's her motive for going after the "bad guys"? How does she go around fighting "evil" in that gown without revealing herself?

Bravo, Mr. Dini.

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Spoil it. Please.

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Yeah what he said...

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I only read it just now and that was totally amazing. Didn't see it coming at all. Thanks for not spoiling it. Question though, does she really deserve a page? I think she does, but I thought it was a question that should be asked for other characters like her.

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Yeah it blew me away. As far as her page, hard to say. She is sorta a different character. I kinda want to see where they're going with this. We'll see.

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Spoil it please?

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man, her origins were genius. i did not see them coming.

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she reminds me of a sexier Carmen SanDiego,mostly because of her remember the cartoon right?

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Who is she

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